22 Jun

>Expensive Whimmin’ for Father’s Day with No Ammo

Steven K. Ledin,


One of the most important jobs I have is to cater to My Shirley’s whims. Father’s day weekend is no exception. Friday after work I came home to a flooded living room and basement. Went to suck it up but my wet-vac broke. Bought a new one. Even the gun room was flooded. Kept the fans and dehumidifier on full, and that’s where they’re still at. Saturday morning I dropped the bike off at Harley for some work I wasn’t comfortable doing myself. Stopped at a few stores and finally bought another garden shed for My Shirley. It was her birthday Sunday, the first day of spring. Shirley maintenance isn’t always physical, but we always like those tasks. I cut the grass, trimmed hedges, planted some grass, cooked some meals, made a birthday cake, levelled the ground and assembled her new shed. I wanted to shoot an action pistol match Sunday morning, but my good .45 is sighted in for Gold Medal Match, and I didn’t have any left. The local Cabela’s didn’t even have a single box of .45 ACP ammo except for two boxes of Magtech. This ammo situation is really out of hand, not just with cost, but simply getting it. So I didn’t shoot this weekend.

Jerry the Instructor’s Pelican case is now in his possesion. He said it was one of the nicest things that was ever given to him. I put a lot into it. His gun, completely worked over, his two different height bipods, Tipton cleaning rod and cleaning equipment, and Leupold RX1000 rangefinder all in fitted areas precisely cut out for each. On the top lid behind the foam I pasted ballistic charts, common knots, energy computations, and a picture of Rad and me taken on a Thanksgiving day hunt with Jerry years ago when all three of us were all slimmer and younger.

The weekend was great, and I hope all you Dads had an enjoyable weekend as well.

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