05 Oct

>Devil Gun to Burris!

Steven K. Ledin,


The Devil Gun is on its way to Burris. They’ll grab it and bring it to camp. Nice when you don’t have to fly out of O’Hare with firearms. The best thing, though, is that now I get to bring some meat back as check on luggage if I’m lucky enough to score. Normally the cost associated with overnighting a heavy, frozen package of meat is very cost-prohibitive. I shipped my gun in a Kolpin Rhino soft case inside a tan Pelican 1750 gun case with two pieces of foam removed.

Last Thursday I sighted in at 200 yards, and got two inch groups from a prone position. I can’t shoot a lot better than that in those conditions, so I’m happy the gun is running good after so many problems with it. I met a couple of coworkers at the range and they got to shoot a bunch of my stuff. Fun for all.

Yesterday I started straightening up all my messes from the shooting I’ve been doing lately. I apologized to My Shirley about not putting away my stuff, but I don’t see me changing. She said I do change, but only in the type of crap laying around depending on the season. I cleaned every gun I shot. Pain in the but. Some people enjoy cleaning their guns, but I’m not one of them, especially when there’s a bunch. Took all day.

Now I’m starting to pack for my first hunt this month. I leave at the end of the week. Gotta remember to pick up some Corn Nuts, always a prerequisite for a trip.

I’ve become pretty familiar with my Burris Six-X scope. It has served me well on the range, and I expect it will be excellent in the field.

Filmed some “Tips of the Week” for Midwest Outdoors TV show last week, also. They should be airing soon. Always fun but just a bit stressful. Shooting some guns during filming calmed me down a bit with the familiarity of it all. Had fun, though.

Hope you’re having fun, also!

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