01 Apr

>ATN PS-40 and Chuck the Vet’s Meat

Steven K. Ledin,


Continued from the previous blog: The ATN PS-40 comes in a great SKB hard case with all accessories and tools needed to mount the scope to a pic rail. The BAM mount is separate. The IR illuminator is included, and gives you the opportunity to use the device in complete darkness. Just this morning I spoke again to the person I plan to use it with for coyotes, and we’re trying to button the trip down a little tighter.

My friend Chuck the Vet was over the other day for some gun stuff. He just got a couple of new .22 and .30 caliber Tipton cleaning rods that he will love using. We also swapped some wild game. I gave over some ground Colorado elk and some various steaks and roasts, and in return I got some Canada geese, some Nebraska Merriam’s turkey, and some pheasants.

I smoked a couple pheasants last weekend. I used foil bread tins and put the birds in the middle and covered them with uncooked wild and white rice, and poured over them a mild mixture of apple cider and water. I threw some cloves and cinnamon in the water pan, and this time I used plum wood for smoking. The birds were done and tender at about two hours. I served them with a cranberry salsa and corn with parsley. Yum. I’ll smoke an Easter ham this weekend. Smoked goose breasts coming soon.

I gave away a couple of necklaces I made out of some Lake City 5.56 the other day. I wanted to make some matching 5.7 earrings, but I discovered my quinetic bullet puller won’t work on the tiny things.

Still working on deep cleaning another .22LR bolt action. A now-discontinued Bushnell Legend 2-7 (3-9s are still available) will go on it in Burris steel rimfire rings. This scope will be a perfect match for how I use this little gun.

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