09 Apr

>Rad’s Last Point and Binoculars 101

Steven K. Ledin,


My Shirley and I were perusing the estate this week after work. Rad was doing laps and peeing on things when Shirley said, “LOOK!” The dog was locked up like a statue. He hadn’t pointed a bird since he was retired a few years ago. Locked up solid. A cock pheasant was strutting his stuff outside our fence and neither animal could see each other. My Shirley was beside herself. Although My Shirley has been in the bird fields with us a couple times, she never really saw Rad on point. It took 14 years for her to see such a sight, and it was almost like an epiphany. Rad has pointed thousands of birds for me over the years, in several gun clubs and on wild birds, as well. Pheasants, quail, and chuckar, mainly. It’s a thing of beauty and we’re both glad Mom got a glimpse of what he used to do regularly so well.

I put my discontinued 2-7 Bushnell Legend on my little Marlin bolt action .22, finally. The next project is to determine which gun/scope combinations will make it to my next class, Riflescopes 101. I just finished the first four training sessions for this year, Binoculars 101. Almost 50 people attended, mostly new employees, and it was fun for all, but certainly a lot of work for me. I’m gonna start getting ready for Riflescopes 101 today. Class is in two weeks.

Made a great smoked ham for Easter. The leftovers will go for eggs Benedict, navy bean soup, and split pea soup. Beans are soaking as we speak.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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