27 Jul

>Gun Vault GV5900 Safe and Fresh Garden Cooking

Steven K. Ledin,


I got a gun safe delivered to my office the other day. It’s a Gun Vault GV5900. A decent product at a good price, made to keep more than honest people honest. I certainly can’t get into it without a combination. It’s a bit over 200 pounds and can be easily bolted to the floor via the holes predrilled into it. It will hold up to a dozen guns, so there’s plenty of room for my toys coming to and from work. The electronic key pad on top is easily manipulated and is easy to set to the combination you choose. It’s sturdy enough for my purposes here, and a great value.
Our garden is going crazy. Cucumbers are filling our baskets faster than we can give them away. I’m already tired of cucumber salads with vinegar and red onions, and equally tired of creamed cucumber salad. Zucchinis are the same way. Raw, grilled, made into boats like pizza bread, sauteed, casserole, even chocolate walnut zucchini bread. Yellow squash is coming in now, too. The tomatoes are just starting. The jalapenos are giant and fabulous. Great for grilled poppers with cream cheese, baby shrimp, and pepperoni. Our cilantro is taking over. Our herbs are great, and I already harvested and dried lots of pony tails of oregano. Last weekend I made elk stuffed green peppers just picked from the vine. Outrageously delicious. My thanks to My Shirley and Rad for doing such a great job in the garden this year. Good soil and appropriate rain so far helps a lot.

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