02 Jul

>Happy Independence Day!

Steven K. Ledin,


Happy Independence Day! From an old Navy salt to the rest of the veterans, thanks for serving!

Three day weekend coming up for some. More time for projects. Lately I’ve cleaned and mounted some turkey skulls for Mark the Turkey Hunter, scrimshawed some Alaskan walrus ivory necklaces for a friend’s wife and My Shirley, built a 1/6 scale motorcycle for one of our displays, cooked a lot of grand food, and I’m building some elk chili to take to a fireworks party. Took the hog to work four days in a row this week. Working on an AR with everything mounted on it but the kitchen sink for another display. Lots of garden work and our flowers and vegetables are growing heartily. Tilled some ground after clearing scrub and laid some railroad ties. Weather has been beautiful here. Chicago Mayor Daley had his butt handed to him by the Supreme Court regarding the second amendment. He and his squirrels are scrambling to enact odious but legal laws to circumvent the court’s ruling.

OPMOD products are moving out quickly, get one soon.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

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