06 Aug

>Elk Bourguignon, Princeton Tec Tactical Quad Headlamp, Picnic, OP .50, Hunts, Holster Class, and Gardening

Steven K. Ledin,


A lot of cuts from my elk last year were a bit tough, so I made some elk bourguignon a couple days ago. It was a complicated recipe, and turned out rich and complex. A whole lot was going on with every bite. With some home baked bread and cold cottage cheese salad with fresh sweet 100 cherry tomatoes and chives from our garden the meal was quite special looking, as well as tasting. If you like heady red wine, you would enjoy this recipe over egg noodles. The cabernet sauvignon I used with other ingredients for marinade helped break down the connective tissues in the meat as well as flavored everything. Wonderful meal.
When I’m grilling lately I’ve been using a different light than my old favorite Pelican 2680 HeadsUp headlamp. It’s the Princeton Tec Tactical Quad headlamp. It has three power levels and a strobe, and comes with a sliding red lens for better preservation of your night vision. It’s light and comfortable. I’ve been using it to pick vegetables from our garden at night, also.
My Shirley’s garden is having a great year. I’ve already brought in several baskets of cucumbers, and the tomatoes and zucchini are proliferous. Great weather and My Shirley’s hard work is really paying off this year. Thanks, Shirley. Rad helps, also.
We had our company picnic, and it was another resounding success. It’s a blast getting together with our co-workers and their families and friends, and well as our vendors and their families. The food was great, and there was good and bad karaoke. My Shirley got her love song and a flower from me again. I am a hopeless romantic for this wonderful woman, even after decades.
I built up a gun I dubbed the OP .50 and hung it in our main display case. This 27 pound behemoth will be gracing our pages soon, and you’ll hear more about this awesome giant.
George held four holster classes, and 66 people attended these trainings. They were beneficial to all who attended, and all of the classes are made not just for them, but ultimately for you, the customer!
Hunts this year so far include Iowa trophy whitetail with muzzleloader or slug gun (haven’t decided what I’ll use yet), a bow hunt in Southern Illinois, antelope in Colorado, and some coyote shenanigans with night vision, among other things. I may gig frogs this weekend. Giant clean frog legs with butter and garlic can make a grown man cry.
Have a great weekend.

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