16 Aug

>Skin Damages, Chuck the Vet’s Nikon Monarch Binocular, Tom’s Halibut, Picking Carrots for my Queen

Steven K. Ledin,


At our company picnic a couple weeks ago a kid fell and opened the bridge of his nose down to the cartilage. I had my truck with my emergency gear in it and was able to clean him up and bandage him before his parents took him to the hospital.
He needed 5 stitches from a plastic surgeon. This stuff happens at the least expected times, so it pays to be prepared. I recommend every vehicle have some type of emergency medical kit, and, of course, flashlights, a blanket, etcetera. I lost some skin at that party, too. Racing a nubile young gal through the obstacle course. I picked all the scabs off by now, so I’m a bit more streamlined again.

Chuck the vet came over to learn how to clean his optics. He needed a new binocular for an upcoming antelope hunt, and I recommended the Nikon Monarch in a 10×42. Great glasses. He also vaccinated Rad while he was over.
I have an antelope hunt in Wyoming coming up, too. I’ll be using a bicentennial Ruger 77 (not a MK II) rechambered to .270 Weatherby. I won’t be using my old stash of 150 grain handloads, but I’ll be trying some different flavors of 130 grainers. I’ll install a Leupold VX3 4.5-14×40 with a CDS dial. You can’t get any better, in my opinion, for this application. No parallax knob issues to deal with, and the cartridge shoots so flat I may not even need to adjust the elevation dial at all. But, it’s there if I need to go very long.
My Shirley has been kicking my butt in darts lately, and for the first time ever won four out of six on a page. She is my queen and I serenade her and even pick the carrot pieces out of her salad so they don’t get stuck in her teeth, and this is what I get. We do play for blood with no quarter asked or taken.
Tom the rep came back from a fishing trip to Alaska and thoughtfully provided me with some halibut and salmon. I had some halibut Saturday, and it was outstanding. You can almost taste the icy cold waters she came from. Thanks, Tom.

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