13 May

OPMOD PVS-14, Springtime, Airguns, and ATK

Steven K. Ledin,

Our OPMOD PVS-14 is selling like hotcakes. It is the best value in a third generation night vision monocular on the market. It comes with headgear and accessories and is a couple hundred dollars less than anything like it on the market. A superb product and a great buy. The OPMOD double gun case is flying out of here as well. It is a limited edition, so buy yours now. Click on the previous link and watch the video.

I’ll be in San Antonio with ATK for a shoot and school next week. A day of shooting the hell out of things, and a day of classroom with ATK companies like BLACKHAWK!, Federal, Weaver, RCBS, Outers, and others.
I’ve been shooting some airguns lately. My Beeman R-1 .20 caliber with Bushnell 3200 Elite 5-15×40 scope, as well as my Beeman P-3 pistol. I normally shoot in my basement range at 10 meters with the rifle and 25 feet with the pistol. Airguns really help keep you sharp, and they often pay off at shoots like the upcoming ATK event in Texas
Spring is finally here. My Shirley and Rad have been gardening a bunch, and the vegetable seeds will get planted shorty. My job is to maintain the power tools and kill bugs.

The motorcycles are running great, but strapping cases of beer to the back result in a foam shower if you open the cans too quickly afterwards.

Rad is 15 and doing okay. He loves us so much he even closes his eyes when we kiss him.
I’ve been making jewelry for friends lately from whitetail deer bones and pakkawood. Also a turkey foot pen with a Mont Blanc refill. Wierd but beautiful.

Congratulations to Daryl and Turid and Magnus in Norway on the birth of their new girl, Ingeborg. God bless you all.

Hope you folks weren’t involved in the tornadoes or flooding lately, and you can enjoy spring.

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