13 Jan

New OPMOD Sparc II Almost Here!

Steven K. Ledin,

We're partnering again with one of the finest manufacturing companies I'm aware of, Vortex Optics. No kidding. I've been in this business going on 30 years, and let me tell you, these guys are the real deal. They make superb products and support their customer base as well as humanly possible. The new OPMOD Sparc II is now available in tan color as an OPMOD exclusive. The OPMOD Sparc II can do just about anything on just about any gun. Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof, and comes with spacers to be used at 4 different heights to mount low, slightly higher, or with a spacer or two for a lower 1/3 or absolute cowitness. It also comes with two great lens covers and all the proper length screws needed to put any combination of spacers on the sight. Its lower two of the 10 intensity settings are compatible for use with night vision, and through the NV or a magnifier, the 2 minute dot is more precise and concentrated than that of most reflex or holographic sights costing twice as much or three times more. It's not in the spec sheet, but I think it will withstand recoil up to a million caliber.

Sparc II with Gamo

The OPMOD Sparc II is ideal in the low mount on top of this Gamo folding stock semi-auto pellet pistol

The Gamo MP9 pistol is fashioned after the  famous Bruuger & Thornet MP9 machine pistol. I put on a Mako Group verticle swivel forend with light, and an Armalaser GTO laser. It's a 16 shot pellet repeater, and I've taught a handful of folks who have never shot before with this gun. It's a lot of fun! The Vortex VMX-3T magnifier also works great on it with or without the stock extended.

This Egyption Maadi AK is wearing the OPMOD Sparc II well. It's on a solid Hogue forend kit. The gun has Meprolight Tru-Dot sights and an ATI Scorpion pistol grip. I like the grip because it's pretty large and soft and handfilling. I keep the excellent prototype OPMOD sling on this gun.

My S&W 2206 is one of my favorite guns, and I've used it in competition several times. When My Shirley and I got married, she said she would never buy me a power tool or a firearm, but over two decades later, most of the coolest gifts I've received from her have been power tools and firearms. This is one of them. The OPMOD Sparc II is mounted on an Aimtech mount and is as solid as can be. This stainless steel pistol is a lot heavier than you would think and it's very steady, especially with such a lightweight red dot sight as the OPMOD Sparc II.

OPMOD Sparc II on 454

The OPMOD Sparc II laughs at bastard violent recoil like from this Freedom Arms Model 83 with 454 handloads

But the tough-as-nails OPMOD Sparc II is just at home on a violent bastard like my Freedom Arms Model 83 in 454 Casull as it is on the previous .22. This time the sight is mounted on a modified SSK mount.

OPMOD Sparc II on Ultra Slug Hunter

OPMOD Sparc II on H&R Ultra Slug Hunter

The OPMOD Sparc II is perfect for your high recoiling slug gun, also, like my H and R Ultra Slug Hunter

The OPMOD Sparc II is an ideal quality sight and all you will ever need for plinking with your favorite 22 rifle! This is another one that came from My Shirley.

The OMPOD Sparc II is ideal for a muzzleloader like this T/C Omega. It's a perfect choice for states that don't allow magnified optics during primitive season.

The OPMOD Sparc II is ideal for any turkey shotgun. Going further, it's also great on any defensive shotgun!

And here we are, using the OPMOD Sparc II next to an awesome Vortex Razor HD Gen II in a superb Vortex ADR mount. The Sparc II is mounted at a 45 degree angle with a BLACKHAWK! Tactical Offset Rail. These are on a gun from one of our sponsors, Stag Arms. Model is the 3G.

If you are as color-coordinated as my firearm bon-vivant friend Mark, you'll want your OPMOD Sparc II to match your Magpul furniture! Only the OPMOD Sparc II is available in tan! Mark tested most magnifiers on the market and decided to spend his money on the Vortex VMX-T3. High praise from a knowlegable gunbitch.
OPMOD Sparc II with OPMOD PVS-14

OPMOD Sparc II with OPMOD PVS-14

Whew! That's exhausting, all the platforms the OMPOD Sparc II is perfect for! This S&W M&P 15-22 is way too much fun with the OPMOD Sparc II used in conjunction with our OPMOD PVS-14 gen 3 night vision unit. The PVS-14 is wearing my favorite quick detachable mount, the Night Optics WM-D14. Expensive, but worth it. With a quick twist and a push, remove the NV unit and install the Vortex VMX-3T magnifier for 3x magnification and an even crisper dot for more precise aiming. This neat little package is also wearing a soft ATI Scorpion grip and a ridiculously cool Crimson Trace verticle forend with light and laser.

Sorry I'm talking like the guns are wearing fashionable clothes… I turned on the Golden Globe awards last night for a while.

Wow, the OPMOD Sparc II can do anything! I'm currently looking for a mount for a blowgun.

See some of you at SHOT Show next week. I'll be taking pictures and reporting when I get back.

Hope you are all well! Aim hard!













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