Monthly Archives: June 2007

29 Jun

>Swarovski Binoculars and Hunting

Steven K. Ledin,

I have always recommended Swarovski binoculars for hunting when people want the clearest and brightest binocular available. The first time someone looks through one of these top quality Austrian binoculars you can almost see the exclamation point above their head. It’s that shocking. The brightness and clarity and contrast is not verbally explainable, especially since most of us are used to looking through some pretty good glasses in the middle price range. The difference between a world class binocular like the Swarovski 10×42 EL and most of the rest of the world’s offerings is so great that when you look …

27 Jun

>Burris XTR Rings

Steven K. Ledin,

One of our most popular items of late has been the Burris XTR rings. After a bit of waiting earlier in the year for these Tactical Rings and Bases to come out they are here and available. They are marketed as Picatinny rings, but are actually Weaver style. That means they will fit on all Weaver style bases or Picatinny rails. They are extra wide with six screws on each ring top. The rings are measured in height from the bottom flat to the bottom of the scope circle, as opposed to the center of the ring like …

25 Jun

>Stoney Point Bags for Sighting In

Steven K. Ledin,

Took a while to get results from last Sunday’s Action Pistol match, but I was High Match Master in the third round. To sight in a pistol at 50 yards requires a solid rest, and I usually use sandbags. Good shooting bags are made by a lot of companies, and Stoney Point is one of them. The front bag #FSFB-25 should be a staple in everybody’s shooting gear, and is used with any kind of firearm from a rested position. A rear bag helps tremendously when used properly and is squeezed for elevation adjustments. A good sand bag can last …

22 Jun

>Nikon 4X Rifle Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,

There are good reasons to use a fixed four power riflescope. Fewer parts means less chances for the scope to fail or lose zero over time. Years ago when variable power scopes first came on the market these were very real concerns. Variable power scopes also commonly had different points of impact throughout their power range. As technology and manufacturing techniques advanced, these problems became less of a concern. Today, there is no reason to expect a quality scope to have different points of impact over their power range, and losing zero is not a real concern, either. That being …

20 Jun

>Leupold Rifle Scope with BDC for 30-378

Steven K. Ledin,

Customer wanted to order a Custom Leupold rifle scope with a bullet drop compensator. He was waiting to take delivery of his Weatherby Mark V and wanted a new 8.5-25 x50 Mark IV scope set up for it. The problem was that he didn’t know what ammo he’d be shooting. The three different weights and types of bullets offered by Weatherby not only have different ballistic coefficients and fly with significantly different trajectories at long distance, but he would also be shooting in the high Montana mountains late in the year in the cold. He didn’t know how his …

18 Jun

>Krebs Custom 1911 for NRA Action Pistol

Steven K. Ledin,

Another day dawned beautifully for an outdoor match. I shot a Krebs Custom 1911 for NRA Action Pistol. First stage I cleaned, second stage my gun locked up three times and I dropped seven rounds. I was using Federal Gold Medal Match to shoot the close stages because I didn’t have enough full loads to finish two matches with. My Krebs Custom is set up for full loads and the spring was too strong to cycle the gun with target loads. My fault. Stupid. The rest of the course went well and I finished fine. On my second full …

14 Jun

>Freedom Arms and Scope Choices

Steven K. Ledin,

I blew up a fairly expensive brand name scope on a six inch unported .454 at the worst possible time. On an animal in Africa. Missed the critter, and afterwards saw that the reticle had turned in the scope. My loads were pretty ridiculous, and the scope held up for a couple hundred rounds. Needless to say I have little faith in the brand in that application. The most reliable handgun scopes so far have been the Leupolds and the Bushnell Elites. Regarding the Elites, don’t judge a book by its cover. A lot of people think that Bushnell …

13 Jun

>Millett Angle-Loc Rings for Grooved Receivers

Steven K. Ledin,

Millett Angle-Loc rings for grooved receivers are underutilized high quality products. They have windage adjustable screws on both sides of the ring, letting you center your scope for windage without moving your scope’s turrets. This keeps the scope at its strongest. The rings also open very wide, allowing you to use them on European 22s and airguns with wider bases, something many tip-off rings can’t be mounted on. The quality is great, and Millett offers many sizes of these rings for 3/8″ dovetails as well as Weaver style.…

12 Jun

>Using the Leupold Boone and Crocket Reticle

Steven K. Ledin,

Customer just called bitching because he expected his Leupold Boone and Crockett reticle to be spot on with his 30-06 hunting gun up to 500 yards. I told him it’s not likely, but he didn’t want to know why. He didn’t want to shoot his gun, he just wanted the stadia lines perfectly in sync with his bullet holes at lasered distances. Bonehead. He wouldn’t understand that most reticles of this type are for groups of cartridges, not specific cartridges, and not for his specific gun, but for many different types of guns. The only way to be spot on …

11 Jun

>Simmons Pro Hunter 6-24 Rifle Scope on Remington 788

Steven K. Ledin,

I took Chuck to the range yesterday for some trigger time. A pleasant surprise was how well we both liked my Simmons Pro Hunter 6-24 rifle scope on my Remington 788. The 788 was a boring looking underappreciated very accurate rifle with nine locking lugs on the back of the bolt. It was discontinued because of production costs. They shoot like crazy, and mine in 22-250 is no exception. With its favorite factory load it consistently prints sub minute groups hot or cold, dirty or clean. The stock has Brownell’s black crinkle paint on it and looks good and …