08 Jun

>Leupold Dual Dovetail Base Installation on Chuck’s 700

Steven K. Ledin,

>The Leupold Dual Dovetail Base installation went as normal as can be on Chuck the Veterinarian’s gun. The only problem was that a filler screw had a badly buggered head and I couldn’t cuss it out. So I heated it. I pounded it. I prodded it. I oiled it. I drilled it. I cussed at it some more. Finally got it out. Must’ve been the choice grammar. I lapped the bore about 500 times and polished the crown. Trigger is good. New front and rear sight filler screws Loctited in with all the slots facing forward. I’m really anal. Lightly oil the receiver top and bases. Degrease screws and holes. Leupold recommends oiling the fantastic Torx screws, but I always Locktite them anyway. Used my old Torx Driver. Bases installed. Stock channel coated with beeswax. Bolt disassembled and firing pin polished and dry lubed. Might start shooting it this weekend. Used Parker-Hale, Dewey, and ProShot rods with JB and different jags. By the time I give it back to him I will have lapped the bore plus or minus 777 times, just because it sounds lucky and I want Chuck the Vet to feel confident in his equipment. He will have every reason to feel that way. No free-floating for now, it isn’t necessary. We’ll see how she shoots first. I love antelope-kabobs.

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