16 Apr

5.11 Tactical Pants, Beer, and Qatari Diplomat Humor

Steven K. Ledin,

Warning: Do not use the thigh pockets in 5.11 Tactical pants for holding beer cans while walking. They fit well, but the beer gets shaken up too much to open. Don’t ask me how I know. My dog thought it was funny and has a Pavlovian taste for beer like I do.
Did you hear about the Qatari jackass that joked about lighting his shoe on fire on an airplane? Funny, huh. Scrambling a couple of fighter jets and having taxpayers pay for it is funny, too. I have an idea. Since this ass has such a sense of humor, let’s pink belly him. I thought it was funny as a kid or in boot camp. This time, though, we won’t stop until his internal organs are jellied. Or maybe we can take him snipe hunting. I know a place out west that we can drop him off and just forget about him. He’ll be looking for snipe for the rest of his life. Make it winter time and that may be up to a few days.
Riflescopes 101 classes starting next week.
My best to Kelly and Reed getting married! God bless!

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