Monthly Archives: July 2007

31 Jul

>Shotgun Scopes for Deer

Steven K. Ledin,

Shotgun scopes for deer are more popular every year. Slugs and guns shoot more accurately, greatly increasing the effective maximum range. The range is further enhanced by your ability to see your target clearly through a magnified rifle scope. Maximum ranges of 75 to 100 yards just a couple decades ago have doubled, and are getting farther every year with new technology. A scope for a rifled slug gun should have a few attributes. Long eye relief, important in preventing scope eye. A reasonable parallax correction distance. Most are 75 yards, and shooting closer or farther will have minimal

27 Jul

>Aimshot Universal Laser Boresighter

Steven K. Ledin,

The Aimshot universal laser boresighter is an easy to use product that can save you time, pain, and money. Time because you won’t be wasting it trying to put a bullet through paper when you don’t even know which way to adjust. Pain, because why beat yourself up with the unnecessary firing of high recoiling guns just to adjust a rifle scope. Money, because time and cartridges are expensive. With the Aimshot laser boresighters you simply insert a laser with the appropriate collar into your gun and adjust your scope to the red dot coming out of your bore at

25 Jul

>Galco Holsters

Steven K. Ledin,

We’ve been adding Galco holsters to our website as fast as we can, and a large variety of them will be in stock at any time. I’ve been using their top quality products for years, and have even had occasion to send one back for repair through no fault of the manufacturing, just my stupidity. Customer service was excellent, and it came back in a couple days. The people making Galco holsters obviously take pride in their job because the details and quality control are superb. The new Matrix line promises to take a large market share of molded synthetic

23 Jul

>Swarovski Z6 Rifle Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,

Swarovski Z6 rifle scopes are causing quite a buzz in the optics industry, being one of the first, and certainly the best known manufacturer able to offer an incredible 6 times zoom on a riflescope. This makes it even easier to purchase a scope able to comfortably handle shots close and far with equal ease. A favorite Z6 model of mine will zoom from a low of 1.7 power to a maxumum of 10 power, and another model goes from two power to twelve. The Z6 1.7-10×42 weighs in at 16.6 ounces, and the Z6 2-12×50 tips the scales

20 Jul

>Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,

I get a lot of questions about illuminated reticle rifle scopes. Most of the questions are asking if they have a backup reticle if the illumination fails. The answer is yes. The crosshairs are standard black crosshairs and the illumination part comes from a light that shines on the reticle from inside the scope. The crosshairs are there with or without the illumination feature switched on. The riflescopes generally use readily available CR2032 batteries that can be found at most stores that carry batteries. They’re the ones that look like a nickel. The problem with most of these scopes is

19 Jul

>Pentagonlight Molle Light Desert Flashlight

Steven K. Ledin,

The new Pentagonlight Molle Light Desert flashlight has been talked about for a while and has been advertised in gun and outdoor magazines for quite some time. It’s here now. The little bugger fits in a single molle strap on a vest, or just as easily on a belt or pocket. It has an angled head that directs light forward instead of up or down. The spring steel clip can be rotated 360 degrees to position the light in any direction. This superb quality little flashlight has a run time of about 5 hours with a 1/2 watt LED giving

18 Jul

>Lasermax Unimax Laser

Steven K. Ledin,

The new Lasermax Unimax laser is now available, and fits the needs perfectly for many firearm applications. The unit is as small as a matchbox and weighs as much as a .45 ACP cartridge. It is made to fit on standard Weaver bases or Picatinny rails, including most pistol accessory rails. The laser has a pulse mode and a standard on mode, and has an accessory rail built into it to hang a light or other accessory. It turns itself off after 30 minutes of non-use to prevent battery consumption. A Unimax remote switch is available for immediate …

13 Jul

>Propoint for Flattops

Steven K. Ledin,

A recent addition to the venerable Tasco Propoint line is the PDTS 132. This red dot sight has a profile similar to the superb Aimpoint Comp M2, and also attaches with one ring, which is included. The ring that comes with the sight is too low for a flattop, so for one of my guns I substituted a Burris XTR ring in extra-high. This centers the dot about 1/4″ above the front sight post. With a GG&G MAD flip-up rear sight (BUIS) you are able to co-witness in the bottom 1/3 of the sight picture. The Propoint with …

11 Jul

>Browning Flashlights

Steven K. Ledin,

Browning flashlights are now orderable from OpticsPlanet. As a hunter and outdoorsman, I know that all Browning products are well thought out and designed by folks that actually use them. All Browning outdoor products are top quality and compare with anything made. Some years ago I was invited to Browning in Morgan, Utah for a week or so for training. I was a Browning Archery Staff Shooter at the time. Everything about the trip was second to none. We built things, shot things, broke things. Learned more about clothing design. Gun cases. Bows. Guns. Everything. I flyfished a bit in …

09 Jul

>Hunting Accessories for All

Steven K. Ledin,

OpticsPlanet has tons of hunting accessories available, from custom designed Surefire flashlights to Browning clothing and rifle slings. Here is one accessory we don’t carry that I thought some of you might get a kick out of. Click on this LINK and watch the 20 second video. I carry a small pocket knife and a bit of string for this procedure and have never been lacking, but some folks need gadgets. GPS units have pretty much replaced compasses, but a compass will always work without satellites and batteries. Dry boxes and targets are available, along with prescription glasses